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The Vicky Sergides Foundation

We want to raise awareness of stomach cancer, raise funding for the incredible work and research being undertaken, and to support those who have recently received a cancer diagnosis.

Vicky died in 2015 of stomach cancer after a short but heroic battle at the age of 38. She was truly loved by us all. In 2016 we wanted to honour her memory as an exceptional mother, wife, daughter, sister and cousin. We got thinking about how best to do that.


Our family quickly realized that there was no UK based stomach cancer charity dedicated to fighting stomach cancer or to helping support the incredible research in this area. It was obvious to us at a very early stage that this is what we wanted to do. Given that Vicky was so charitable, it was befitting to her memory.


The family started to meet regularly, at our places of work and at our homes, to discuss how we could achieve this. None of us had experience but all of us had drive and determination. After numerous discussions with tea, coffee and cake we decided to start it off with a boxing match. Our eldest cousin, Harry, put on his boxing gloves and, therein, was the start of our charity.


After that, we went on to hold more events, raising more money. We applied for charitable status (which we obtained) embarked on a website (here we are) and set up a Just Giving Page. Consistent with our aims and objectives, we have already started to help people and organisations and will continue to do so. 

We want to make a difference and we hope you can help”.

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